Multi-purpose intelligent platform to support digitalization in retail

We will prepare you for an EU Directive to avoid the high costs of the upcoming “emission allowances” analogous to those already implemented in the energy and other sectors.

Using advanced analytical tools and item recognition features, our tool will help you optimize your inventory and significantly reduce food waste.

Artificial intelligence against food waste


You will get an accurate view of the movement of goods in the store, with the system alerting you to the need to replenish items running out.

Accurate data models increase the likelihood of sales, improving stock turnover.


Automatic assessment of CCTV data

An in-store CCTV system recognizes the type and quantity of each item, whether fruit, vegetables, or pastries, processes the information and displays the status on the Dashboard. Alternatively, it sends an alert within the internal system that the quantity of goods has fallen below a predefined level and needs to be replenished. The system will also alert you to contamination with another item.

The system maximizes the sales potential of each item by ensuring that goods that are in stock are always displayed on the shelves and available to customers. Last but not least, you will save time of your employees who will have accurate information about the goods that need to be replenished in each location.


Advanced analytical tools and data on in-store goods movement, POS data, and warehouse system data enable you to predict goods turnover. You can go to such level of detail as the number of rolls needed for a given hour and day. The aim is to maximize the sales potential of a given item while minimizing waste to optimize stock movement.


With the information you need, you will have the tools to effectively communicate both internally and with the customer. This includes, e.g., electronic price tags, where the system can automatically reduce the price of an item under certain circumstances. The new price will appear both on the price tag at the respective item and in the checkout system, and a message will be automatically delivered to the customers’ mobile app. After restocking, you can notify customers that their desired item that was out of stock is now available again on the shelves. These are just some examples of the many possible use cases.

AI by ADF - service description

  • Data Capture
    Storage of operational data for further exploitation and monetization
  • Forecasting
    Local demand planning and inventory optimization to avoid unnecessary food loss
  • Current status in the store
    Automatic assessment of camera and sensor data
  • Price optimization
    Maximize profits by preventing unnecessary food loss
  • Decision making
    Automate business processes by applying artificial intelligence and rules
  • Communication
    Sales support and customer experience

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