We specialize in products and solutions from SAS Institute, of which we are a proud partner. However, we recognize the importance of technological developments on other platforms, too. That is why we are also a Microsoft and Red Hat partner

By combining our own know-how with experience with development on various technology platforms, we achieve a unique synergy effect in our services.

Why did we become an SAS partner?

SAS Gold Partner

Thanks to our long-term partnership with one of the IT industry leaders and a major supplier of vertical solutions, we can leverage proven cutting-edge technologies and procedures when implementing projects for our customers. When designing solutions, we freely and independently select the most suitable technologies based on long-term experience so that the resulting solution meets the client’s needs and is easily integrated into their IT environment.

Partnering with SAS has given us access to tools and resources that enable our customers to build expertise and differentiate from their competition.


Why become an SAS partner?

How to deliver a greater added value to customers? By finding partners you trust and who share your focus. At the same time, they align with your vision, invest effort in solving urgent customer challenges and put customers at the heart of everything they do.

SAS has created a values-based program that challenges you to differentiate yourself by showcasing your skills in SAS technologies and solutions.


While constantly evolving our SAS portfolio and expanding our customer base, we continue building our partner network as well. This approach benefits all parties involved. Together, we have delivered countless successful solutions to the complex problems our customers face.

Jim Goodnight


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We are a technology partner of companies SAS, Microsoft, Red Hat, VMWare, Oracle, DNS, Dell Technologies, SAP and TD Synnex,
whose technologies most often shape the surrounding ecosystem of our solutions.

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