A business stands and falls with its people.
We are aware of that.

Kariéra v ADF

Our team

Our employees come first. We see smooth and effective teamwork as a key asset. People in our team know each other and know they can rely on each other. We spend time together at work and meet outside the working hours, too. We organize team building sessions that are aimed at fostering creativity, finding new talents and skills, as well as at bringing the team together.

Kariéra v ADF
Kariéra v ADF
Kariéra v ADF

Why work at ADF?

  • We pull together
    JWe are here for each other. We can face challenges together, solve problems together, and laugh together.
  • We keep growing
    Although we have all successfully graduated and have many years of experience, we are constantly learning and pushing our limits.
  • Speaking one’s mind
    We communicate openly and are not afraid to speak our minds. We share ideas, insights, interesting information either directly, or via Teams or ADF WhatsApp.
  • We have our employees on mind
    We want our people to feel good at work. Each workplace has a height-adjustable table and an ergonomic chair. Did we mention laptops and business phones for everyone?
  • We define our own values
    We keep an eye on the current market trends and develop new products accordingly while evolving and innovating the existing ones. Our team includes industry leaders from whom you can learn a lot. A 360-degree view is important for us.

Corporate Values


We have been building professional teams of outcome-oriented experts through our own activities as well as by providing services to our customers. At the same time, we consider it equally important to breed a sense of belonging to the family.


Building trust not only with the customer but also with our partners. Professionalism and delivering on promises. We are a reliable supplier with a clear vision.


We know how important it is to invest in our products. That is why we evolve our solutions over the long term and come up with new approaches that will increase the value of our services portfolio for our clients. We support bold visions and novel ideas within the company.


We are honest. Respecting the rules both in business relations and in the workplace is fundamental for us. We stand in solidarity with people who need our help.

Welcome to ADF

we operate on3 continents

our fraud detection solution protects 1.6 million clients of the third largest bank in the Czech Republic

our analytical tools inspect more than 1 million transactions per day

we implement solutions of our technology partners while developing and offering our own products

Employee benefits

  • The most precious thing we have is time. That is why you can schedule your working hours to find an appropriate work-life balance. The nature of our work allows for a hybrid working model. You have 5 weeks of annual leave. We also offer the option to take a longer unpaid leave.
  • Every Monday, we have a supply of fresh fruit. Unlimited coffee, tea, hot chocolate and water are available in the office all the time.
  • After the initial trial period, you will receive a MultiSport card. There is a gym, bike room and showers in the office.
  • If you like running, we would love to get you involved in our Run by ADF Club. We run around the globe for a good cause.
  • Every year we go skiing in the Austrian Alps, all-inclusive, a courtesy of ADF. We hold corporate teambuilding events, sports days, and St. Nicholas Day Party for families with children and not only them. We are doing fine. We regularly donate to those who are not so fortunate.
  • We support your personal growth. We offer opportunities for further training and development. English courses are also on the menu.
  • Our modern offices, easy to reach from anywhere, with a wonderful terrace and a view of Prague, are located in the center of Prague.

Our colleagues’ stories

Hana Coufalová

I enjoy taking on new work challenges and thanks to ADF, I have the opportunity to work on different project activities. I appreciate the approach of the company management, which offers me an opportunity to leverage my experience in the field of online marketing. This allows me to participate not only in the development of a relevant product, but also in its sales and marketing strategy.

I also have great respect for all my colleagues in ADF whom I was able to get to know not only professionally but also personally :-)

Hana Coufalová
Project Manager

Jiří Mojžíš

The ADF allows me to use my intellect and develop my potential to its fullest without hindrance. What I appreciate most is the friendly team and the common desire to push the limits of technology and the market itself. And because I love having fun, I really appreciate our legendary parties.

Jiří Mojžíš
Solution Architect

Jaroslava Ficová

As I walked home from a job interview at ADF, I found myself smiling and bursting with energy. I love challenges, new knowledge and interesting problems to solve. And here at the ADF, all that is on the plate every day.

By joining ADF, I set off for a great adventure. An adventure to explore, grow and build. And all this with data and people who have the courage to shape the future.

Jaroslava Ficová
Solution Analyst

Tomáš Dlouhý

I came to ADF because of new challenges and the opportunity to learn new technologies that are already being implemented in real use cases. I appreciate the company’s great family and the opportunity to participate in interesting projects and develop my expertise.

Tomáš Dlouhý
Solution Analyst

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