Prague, 25 July 2023 - Analytics Data Factory, a Czech expert on managing and leveraging corporate data, introduces NEOData, a new service for data acquisition, processing, and analysis across systems and technologies.

The innovative service helps organizations of all sizes to merge data from different sources, including applications, websites, databases, etc., and use it effectively to boost their business.

All this in real time, in milliseconds. With NEOdata, organizations can easily detect fraudulent financial transactions, predict customer behavior or speed up and automate their internal processes. No additional hardware or licenses are needed to use NEOData since the product is available as a service when the customer really needs it.

“Businesses of all sizes across industries may struggle with data stored in different sources, applications, websites, and databases as they lack the tools or expertise to integrate them,” says Kamil Mahdal, founder and CEO of Analytics Data Factory. “Our new all-in-one service, NEOData, not only solves this problem, but also offers advanced processing and analysis. There is a plethora of use cases depending on the needs and requirements of each customer.”

NEOData is a tool that can integrate raw data from different sources in milliseconds, detect anomalies as well as patterns and trends, and provide the customer with the desired outputs based on an automated real-time analysis. It can also replicate and distribute data and events simultaneously to different systems. NEOData is intended for banking, insurance, manufacturing, retail, utilities, and other verticals.

Being an all-in-one service rather than a platform, customers can use NEOData only when and to the extent they need it to receive results as a service (RaaS). NEOData includes a license, 24/7 support, and proactive monitoring and advisory. The customer does not need to allocate their own hardware, staff or other resources and will pay only for the actual consumption on the pay-as-you-go principle. Moreover, the implementation of the solution is very fast as compared to a platform.

Following Food Save, a solution that ADF introduced in the spring of this year, NEOData is another product that builds on the company’s long experience in advanced analytics and data processing and its partnership with global technology leaders, such as SAS, VMware, Dell, and others.

For more details, visit the NEOData website at

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