About the company

Analytics Data Factory s.r.o. has been present on the Czech market since 2015. As a proud gold partner of SAS, we implement products that can quickly provide a comprehensive overview of business opportunities, project management effectiveness, and potential risks for our customers. We believe that proper data analysis is the foundation of every successful business decision.


We thoroughly analyze and assess your current situation. We align the outputs with what you want to achieve and where you are heading. We then help you find and select the right tools and resources to meet your objectives. It sounds obvious, but believe us, it is not.


We are interested in facts and figures showing the real performance of processes, not how they should work in theory according to directives and documents. We always measure the outcomes of our work through numbers and quantify the value added. We talk to you openly about what the data is telling us.


Technology advancements make it easier to implement highly sophisticated solutions to automate many tasks that previously had to be performed by humans. This frees your own experts to pursue higher value-added activities.


We are a reliable supplier with a clear vision

Customer satisfaction is our utmost priority. That is why our goal is long-term support and development of the solutions we deliver, including high-quality services through which we build and strengthen our relationships with the customers.

At the same time, we are a young dynamic company that cares about its organizational culture. Besides offering our employees opportunities for professional growth, education, and various certifications, we care also about people around us. We support charity projects and actively participate in the community life.



Our team

We are always looking for seasoned experts who would bring their expertise to ADF not only to help the company grow, but, ultimately, help our clients move forward and be more successful in their respective fields. At the same time, we are looking for dynamic young people who want to learn how to work with the latest technologies and participate in projects for the largest organizations in banking, insurance, and retail.

Kamil Mahdal



Radim Kašpárek



Jiří Mojžíš

Enterprise Architect


Filip Král

Support manager


Tomáš Dřevojan

Product Manager


David Nurkovič

Business Developer


Aleš Vychodil

Technical Team Leader


Veronika Zahradníková

Marketing manager


Lenka Mahdal

HR Manager


Monika Kučerová

Office Manager


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