Consumers are inundated with commercial offers. What determines successful acquisition of a new customer?

What if customers interacting with your brand got exactly what they were looking for and when they were looking for it? What if marketing campaigns became more effective and delivered better response rates based on analytics and customer segmentation capabilities? Analytics Data Factory introduces SAS Customer Intelligence 360 (SAS CI 360), a comprehensive solution covering all customer data needs in digital marketing, including processing, analysis, and activation.

SAS CI 360 can not only identify a customer, but also combine their data from all online and offline channels. As a result, marketers are able to create targeted and personalized communication across all available channels. Unlike traditional “marketing cloud” solutions, it uses dynamic data collection technology to unify and leverage data from all clouds. The data can be used for a comprehensive analysis for accurate decisions in real time. Data from SAS CI 360 can also be easily combined with data from offline customer channels, such as a call center, CRM, or POS systems. The data integration enables rich multi-channel customer intelligence. At the same time, you can choose where to store your data. SAS CI 360 captures a much more extensive range of data than just clicks on a page. The solution is able to capture online customer behavior at a granular level and can associate it with offline sources, such as marketing, demographic, and purchase history data. The information that customers leave about themselves on the website, such as shopping preferences, can be easily linked to the integrated library, enabling personalization of offers at the right time.

Most businesses lack the resources needed to effectively make predictions for marketing purposes. The modular nature of the solution allows for incremental expansion of functionalities and capabilities with additional modules. You can start with dynamic data collection and analysis. Later, you may want to add customer interaction functionality, e.g., through online apps,email or mobile apps. At the same time, you can track the progress of campaigns, test them, and measure their success.



All modern businesses need to collect customer data. At the same time, most organizations face hurdles because their data reside in various systems, both on- and off-site. According to Harvard Business Review, 73 percent of marketers want to use all available data, but only 18 percent can realistically do so. The Customer Data Platform (CDP) can unify data from multiple sources, create a single customer profile and activate data in real time.

The CDP functionalities within SAS Customer Intelligence 360 are designed to provide capabilities beyond those of conventional CDPs. SAS CDP leverages AI to enhance and augment customer data with real-time personalization and automated delivery of targeted content. Both of these capabilities are critical factors in creating customer experience (CX).



Creating a data infrastructure

A regular CDP requires all customer data to be imported into the CDP or a marketing cloud.

SAS CDP uses a hybrid architecture, allowing customer data to be stored securely. SAS CDP offers a wide range of integration options with the outside world.


Comprehensive digital and offline identity management

A conventional CDP cannot identify a known customer across all devices and link data from offline sources to a customer profile.

SAS CDP provides identity management and online/offline data linking, taking into account privacy policies.


Real-time event detection

A conventional CDP often does not capture all events in the digital world and cannot respond in real time. This causes delays in interaction with the customer.

To eliminate such digital data delays, SAS CDP leverages a streaming data platform that can stream events in real time to any cloud. The solution detects and captures events across all devices and communication channels and applies real-time decision making.


Building Customer Experience (CX)

Conventional CDPs provide solutions mainly for marketing. However, they leave out other areas, such as sales, service, fraud, and risk management. These areas, too, need personalization, intelligent decision-making, and guided analytics. A marketing-only solution cannot deliver the best possible customer experience.

SAS CDP extends its reach beyond marketing with intelligent decision-making and integration capabilities to effectively create the best possible customer experience.

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