Data is often the most valuable business asset. They can be the key to optimizing processes, increasing customer satisfaction, improving productivity and at the same time highlighting new trends and enabling timely response. That is why a thorough data analysis is essential, if you don’t want to rely purely on your business instinct.

But how to work with large volumes of data and turn them into understandable reports and meaningful insights? Can businesses really leverage the full potential of their available data, or are they letting business opportunities slip through their fingers?

Data can be approached in different ways. By interpreting them, you can accelerate and simplify decision-making in your organization, or learn from interesting insights gleaned from data modelling and predictive analytics. With the latest SAS tools, you do not even need to be a seasoned data analyst or know how to code in multiple programming languages to be able to leverage these methods.


When you want to get the most out of your data

SAS Visual Data Mining and Machine Learning is the ideal tool for data experts and beginners alike. A high level of automation plays a key role in this case, where the system, upon ingesting the data, automatically generates the best performing data model, including the pipeline. The pipeline creation process can be monitored in real time and adjusted if necessary. And the user interface provides a detailed explanation of all metrics and instructions on how to interpret them.

All that together with intuitive drag-and-drop control makes this tool comfortable to use, e.g., for traders who are not data analysts. Experienced users, on the other hand, will enjoy full compatibility with programming languages, such as Python, R, Java, and Lua.

When applied to customer data, the tools enable prediction of future customer behavior so that you can offer relevant products and services or prevent church.

If you need to automatically generate a large number of forecasts based on segmented data in a short period of time, SAS Visual Forecasting is the best option. It uses neural networks and machine learning to build forecasts, so the forecasting process is constantly learning and improving.

When it comes to presenting processed data to other departments and stakeholders, SAS Visual Analytics is the tool of choice, making it easy to create interactive reports, easy-to-understand visualizations, or automatically collect and evaluate relevant textual data from social media. All that within a highly secure cloud interface that can be accessed from PCs, as well as from smartphones and tablets.

Transforming your organization into a business that is able to harnesses the full potential of ubiquitous data is not easy, but the results are definitely worth the effort. With in-depth, comprehensive analysis, you can discover new business opportunities, optimize costs or come up with a completely new strategy that will lead to better business outcomes. And all this with the help of SAS tools, with minimal effort, quickly and reliably.

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