If you want to work efficiently and prevent all sorts of problems, professional support plays a key role.

However, this important area is often neglected, despite the fact that companies are implementing powerful solutions with huge potential. The typical life span of such solutions is 4 to 5 years, although updates and regular maintenance can substantially extend the period - up to three times. In such case, the business will enjoy significant savings not only on procurement and maintenance, but also on implementation and training of employees who otherwise have to learn new systems.

In addition, many organizations tend to solve problems in the last minute. Yet in the vast majority of cases, there is an easy way to avoid the problems. So what should you do if you can’t provide the necessary support with your own resources?

An effective solution may be to leave the support to external experts who will take care of everything. They will set up all processes, monitor them closely and provide comprehensive support, including a personalized approach to training your staff..

Based on many years of experience with satisfying our clients’ needs, we have created Support by ADF, a service based on an individual approach to each customer. Support by ADF offers a wide range of services as well as extensive expertise of our team with more than twenty years of experience. Their qualities are witnessed by the prestigious SAS Gold Partner status, which ADF achieved as one of only 85 companies around the world.

Whether you need help managing SAS systems or you are concerned about replicating complex deployments, we will always strive to see the task from your perspective. We will help you meet your long-term objectives. We provide database and technology support across operating systems and messaging platforms. If you struggle with resources in the current turbulent times, we can also fill talents gaps.

Our experts will help you manage SAS systems on a daily basis, from Campaign Management to Real Time Decision Manager to Visual Investigator, on both the SAS 9.4 and SAS Viya platforms. To provide truly all-round services, we support also databases (SQL Server, Oracle, Teradata, PostgreSQL etc.) and other auxiliary technologies.

If you wish to ensure effective support for your business, not only for SAS products, but also for the entire ecosystem, please contact us at or by phone at +420 725 393 669. In a free consultation, we will show you specific ways we can help you.

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