As technology advances at a fast pace, customer expectations keep growing accordingly, and the number of channels through which brands can interact with them has been expanding rapidly.

At the same time, brands always strive to provide a better service to customers. One way to exceed already high customer expectations is to offer a personalized experience. This requires effective consolidation of customer data.

However, it is the consolidation - or existing fragmentation - of data that poses a significant problem for a large number of organizations. Typically, businesses use channel-specific applications to manage customer data. Such applications are often poorly integrated and do not allow to share data between systems or to aggregate local and private cloud data. In many cases, they may also pose security risks or cause GDPR compliance issues. 

With an ever-increasing volume of customer data, it becomes evident that effective personalization will only be possible to achieve by automation supported by intelligent systems. A clever solution is a Customer Data Platform (CDP), which allows you to create a detailed customer profile using all available data, including the ability to track customer interactions across all channels. Analytical data and artificial intelligence then drive appropriate action. 

To function properly, the CDP must support four core capabilities - ability to receive data from disparate systems, manage a single customer identity, enable and facilitate real-time segmentation, and integrate with other technologies for yet better understanding. CDP is then able to provide valuable insights that enable better decisions around activating diverse customer experiences. This also has a significant impact on customer satisfaction. 

SAS CI 360 CDP platform offers comprehensive monitoring of digital and offline customer behavior, including anonymous customers (until they identify themselves). The ability to convert an (initially) anonymous customer can play a key role in the (non-)completion of a business transaction and the level of customer satisfaction. SAS CI 360 can also effectively track PII data that cannot be forwarded due to GDPR. Equally important is the ability to detect events in real time, including their evaluation, and the ability to meaningfully leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning. 

Another key feature of SAS’s CDP platform is its openness for integration, whether receiving and sending data in real time or in batch campaigns. SAS CI 360 can be applied in an environment with any system, whether an operational CRM, an activation channel, such as Salesforce, or an Adobe-like CMS. SAS can also provide data analysis support services to assist the marketing teams. 

A combination of all these features supports a wide range of smart decision-making throughout the customer journey, improving the customer experience through personalization driven by data analysis. 

For detailed information on the SAS CI 360 omnichannel solution, please visit our website at, where you can also download the product offer and request a free DEMO.

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