There is no question that we are all increasingly, and often exclusively, interacting with brands digitally. Consumers enter the online space through countless mechanisms – from PCs and mobile apps to AI-enabled voice assistants to sensor-based wearables. Engagement is diversifying in fascinating new ways.

When organizations cannot watch their customers interact in the physical world, digital event tracking can help. For data-driven brands, this is an opportunity for AI-enabled marketing across both existing and emerging touch points.

In SAS Customer Intelligence 360, events allow users to enhance their ability to understand, target, and interact with customers and prospects in a meaningful way. Events are used to track user behavior, as well as provide input conditions for other items, such as ads, segments, tasks, data views and activities. They are available for web, mobile, email, direct contact, and third-party applications. Events are triggered when a customer or a prospect meets the conditions for an event, and metrics such as impressions, impressions viewable and click through are captured.

 For example, events can be used to:

  • Record when customers click an ad on a web page or in a mobile app
  • Collect data being entered in a form
  • Launch an activity (e.g., journeys simultaneously targeting multiple points in customer interaction)
  • Capture data to augment existing data sources with additional inputs for analytics and machine learning

Tracking user interactions is one of the core features that enables your brand to respond in real time to customers based on their profile, origin, browsing behavior, etc. For example, if a customer clicks on an element on your website, this is recorded and can be used to control a number of different page functions. Interaction monitoring informs many of the features that SAS CI 360 offers.

Events are part of the data recipe for machine learning models to understand and unlock powerful ad targeting, optimization, measurement and insights to help businesses better understand their customer’s path to purchase. „If a brand doesn’t have event tracking set up, it won’t know much about what users are doing on their website or in their mobile app. That means it will struggle to make the kinds of decisions that can grow the business. Consequently, if the brand’s analysts can’t trust the data tracking implementation, they won’t trust the data, either. Deterioration of data integrity leads to poor or wrong decisions.

In short, analytics drives customer interactions. And SAS CI 360 analytical capabilities can improve and expand comprehensive use of customer data.

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