Analytics Data Factory is working with SAS on marketing transformation. One that has targeting and personalization at the forefront. One that looks at customer journeys from a true omnichannel perspective – not through each channel separately. It focuses on brand, demand, and engagement, with the customer at the center.  

So what is the journey pursued by a leading provider of data, analytics and marketing technology?

Technology is the foundation of marketing transformation.

SAS relies on its Customer Intelligence 360 platform.

SAS Customer Intelligence 360 works as an omnichannel marketing hub.

SAS 360 Discover is the foundation that helps understand digital behavior, allowing for personalization and tracking of customer experience. Through social media campaigns, SEO campaigns, and digital advertising campaigns, it helps understand the behavior of people visiting the company’s website, which tracks customer activity (based on a consent) in order to personalize the digital experience.

SAS 360 Engage is the execution hub. This is where a new customer journey is created. It allows to execute email campaigns that target specific segments and audiences based on business rules and/or model scores generated in SAS Viya. It is not uncommon that an email campaign is out of sync with advertising in social media that displays to the customer or with an online commercial. In contrast, SAS 360 Engage allows you to look at all activities holistically, across all channels at once. This is an important step towards an exceptional customer experience.

SAS 360 Plan is the planning hub. If you are an employee of a large global organization, you know that coordinating marketing activities is quite complicated. The organization may have an internal team as well as external agencies, both locally and globally. Some functions are handled by the corporate marketing department globally, some are executed at the regional level. The same applies to budgeting. All this needs to be simplified - this is what a single platform helps achieve, making it easier to plan activities, monitor marketing effectiveness, and make adjustments accordingly.

However, technology is only part of the cycle, albeit a very important one. Success hinges on people and processes. Modernized marketing technologies make it possible to rethink the planning, creation, and implementation of customer journeys. The latest cutting-edge technologies also help optimize team structure and improve their effectiveness. The result is a faster, more cost-effective, and more impactful campaign execution.

Transformation is the way. If you are interested in the journey of SAS and its implementation partner Analytics Data Factory s.r.o., we will be happy to explain the solution to you and help you set off in the right direction. Or visit our website to find out more about the world of digital marketing.

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