We specialize in the development of comprehensive CRM systems

Our operational CRM services focus on implementing a simple and accessible responsive application.

We see optimized and therefore easily navigable screens for each user or user role as key for great user experience.

The outcome of our implementations is a modular application that satisfies the real needs of users with respect to the specific business model.

Improved labor effectiveness and better customer care

We will help you select and implement the right real-time tools as well as feed the tools with relevant data to create a 360° view to meet your business needs. Your users will no longer have to log in to other systems to get the insights they need. This improves their productivity and helps them provide better customer care.

Our analytical CRM services are based on a cutting-edge analytics platform from SAS that covers all traditional and modern methods of customer relationship management.

We implement omni-channel functionalities for our customers, supported by machine learning including real-time interactions.

From customer tracking to machine-analyzed user behavior to offer optimization, we are always looking to add value for you and your clients.

Better insight into
customer needs

We implement sophisticated analytics whose findings will help you better understand customer needs and behavior. This understanding will help you better identify, optimize, monitor, and serve your customers through the right channels.

  • Increase customer loyalty.
    To meet customer needs and achieve their greater satisfaction, you need granular understanding of their behavior. Because only a satisfied customer is a loyal customer.
  • Predict your customers’ behavior.
    We will help you leverage analytics to identify future needs and act on the insights at the right time. Knowledge of customer interactions in real time will become your competitive advantage.
  • Optimize everything, everywhere.
    We will help you increase ROI through CRM activities by continuously optimizing your customer portfolio, offerings, use of communication channels and marketing activities.
  • Strengthen your brand.
    Offering personalized offers tailored to the customer will strengthen their relationship with the brand.
  • Focus on the customer.
    Our solution can monitor customer needs in real time. It is beneficial to enrich the customer relationship with any non-business added value. Such approach improves the customer relationship in the long term and consequently the value of the client.

Guiding you on a journey towards an omni-channel strategy, we will show you how to build, manage, deploy, and maintain analytical models in a real-time environment.

We will work with you and your IT department to find the optimal operating model, whether you prefer on-premise, hybrid, or pure cloud deployment.


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