Fraud by ADF

Fraud by ADF

We help you set up and manage your fraud detection processes

Our fraud detection system services include not only an in-depth analysis of processes, but also subsequent support of their management, including comprehensive management and development of technologies that significantly increase effectiveness of anomalous and suspicious behavior detection.

Our know-how in this area focuses on banking and insurance.

The fraud detection system, a comprehensive and fully integrated and automated solution, provides

  • real-time detection of fraudulent activities
  • centralized management of watchlists and detection rules
  • sustainable and continuous development, and support

Real-life use cases

  • Payment fraud detection in banking
    Each login to the client’s bank account and subsequent transactions are assessed in real time and a decision is made to approve, reject, or forward them for further investigation. The service communicates with other systems in mere tens of milliseconds, so the client does not notice any delay in the execution of the desired action. The solution includes modern tools for data processing, investigation, and reporting.
  • Detection of bank fraud committed by internal employees
    Key employee work activities are monitored and assessed centrally along with financial operations. This makes it easy to define rules and generate alerts. The solution includes special tools that allow you to highly effectively investigate suspicious behavior.
  • Fraud detection in the insurance industry
    Analytics Data Factory is developing the SAS Innovation Lab to make it easy to demonstrate the latest SAS technologies.

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