2. Elementary school Říčany

On Thursday, 1 December 2022, together with 2nd Primary School in the town Říčany, we held an event inspired by the St. Nicholas tradition, giving out presents to Ukrainian children of school and kindergarten age.


The program was professionally hosted by Larysa Malchikova, who works as an assistant at the local school. Attendees heard a performance of two Ukrainian folk songs, rendition of a Ukrainian poem, and a gig by a talented Ukrainian flautist. The afternoon was accompanied by enjoyable big beat, blues and jazz music.

There were five fun tasks for the excited Ukrainian children before St. Nicholas arrived. After their completion, the children saw the arrival of a Ukrainian St. Nicholas and a group of angels played by higher-grade pupils. Nicholas and his entourage gave out traditional gifts that we at ADF prepared for the kids. It was Lenka who came up with the idea to hold the St. Nicholas party for Ukrainian children and at the end of the event she handed over a material collection for the smallest children, for which we would like to thank all those who contributed.

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