Archa Chantal Foundation

The Christmas season is a time for generosity and helping those in need, which is why we decided to support the Archa Chantal Foundation in December 2022. The initiative built upon our partnership that was born in the summer during the French Party byADF.


Archa Chantal Foundation was established in 1993 and its founder is French-born actress Chantal Poullain.

The organization’s mission is to improve conditions in children wards in hospitals. The aim is to create cozy, friendly places that have a positive effect on the psyche of sick children. The projects are designed by artists and architects based on the requirements and specific needs of individual wards in collaboration with child psychologists, physicians, and nurses. Thanks to our charity, toys and books were purchased to make the long stay in hospital more bearable for children before they can return home to their parents. Hospital rooms were equipped with new furniture and consumer electronics.

An employee collection raised CZK 30,000 for the foundation, with Lenka and Kamil Mahdal doubling the amount to CZK 60,000.

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