Office by ADF

Office by ADF

We offer a system for effective management of your office

A comprehensive set of functions and workflows allows you to efficiently manage your office, your colleagues, and effectively report project, work and financial results according to your needs.

The flexible and customizable solution allows you to set up a system tailored precisely to your needs.

Office by ADF (ObA) was inspired by the real needs of our own organization

We designed our own solution to avoid using multiple systems to run our office. The system’s flexibility allows you to configure and customize individual functionalities to meet your current needs and adjust for changes as you go. Its modularity enables you to increase effectiveness of project management, as well as the HR, finance, and other agendas.

Overview of ObA modules

  • Finanční záznamy
    Keeping record of orders and invoices  
    Connection with projects and profitability management
  • HR system
    Recording, entering and processing employee attendance including approval processes
  • Project management
    Project and task management
    Reporting of the current and future status
  • Helpdesk
    Entering tickets, overview by department or business unit
    Request and notification process
  • Contacts
    Comprehensive directory of employees, contractors, suppliers, and clients

These are just a few of the many functionalities that the ObA system offers. Its variability enables us to offer our customers a tool tailored precisely to their requirements.


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